Shanghai 1970c


Before the fall of the bamboo curtain, China made their own watches and clocks.  I can remember the alarm clocks.  Where I worked in 1970 they sold them for $1.95 and they would arrive in store with spare mainsprings, balance staffs and other parts that were thrown away because it was uneconomical to undertake any repairs. They didn’t need much repair, they performed really well.

As for Chinese watches, I can’t remember ever having one cross my bench.  But now I have one.  This is an interesting but very ordinary watch in every way.  The movement looks like a rip off of an AS 1187, an ordinary but robust Swiss movement that was found (among others) in kids watches. The shock proof springs look exactly like Seiko. The case is reasonably solid, water resistant and the whole thing would have performed quite well. It’s style puts it at around 1970. It is signed all over including the crown and, curiously, combines western writing and Chinese symbols. 


About robswatches

I’m a horoligical “petrol head”! I love classical mechanical watches, not because they tell me the time, I can get the time from cheap quartz watches, my computer, phone, microwave or just about anywhere. I’m interested in the movements of watches, the aesthetics of case design and their construction, the history and the simple thrill of watching tiny, beautifully finished wheels, pinions and other parts turning and oscillating and marvelling at the craftsmanship that created it.
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