Omega Dynamic 1970

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The Dynamic is a line of watches that Omega have used a few times before in the past. Perhaps best known are the 70’s series of Dynamics (first issued in 1969), with the typical oval shaped cases. Back then they were no. 1 on Omega’s sales list.

There were several case options but the oval shapes that I have here was by far the most popular, and they are popular to this day. Omega propaganda said that this case was ergonomically designed to sit perfectly on the average wrist; Yeah, right!! It has a monocoque case meaning there is no back. This is not new to Omega, it was used in some Constellations of the mid 60s. But!…….wait a minute! Looking underneath, we see something that screws off and looks like a back to me! In fact it is there to hold the band in place.

The movement used in these is the workhorse of Omega Autos, the fabulous 752 and its variants (752 is day/date with quick date change, they also used the date only version and the wind up version).

Up to this point, Omegas where very conservative, popular with Doctors and accountants. The Dynamic was a clear shift down the sports path. They where distinctive, water resistant and tough.

They came with a strap or a bracelet.  I don’t think the original straps were leather. I’m going on memory from way back and I can’t find any info on this.  I remember some more
propaganda that said it was some special material that they developed. Anyway, leather is not too good for watches that are all purpose. And the strap turned out to be their weak spot. Standard straps would not fit the Dynamic, so it had to be original, and boy, when Omega have got you by the nuts they know how to squeeze hard. And when you have a heavy stainless steel watch with a strap that narrows to 14mm, it is just too narrow at the buckle to last.

So, the first of these I brought was all original with a strap but only date, no day. The dial seemed a little faded.

Another came along, this one I should not have brought. Repainted dial (a bit dark), non original glass and non original strap.

DSCN6996  Another came along. A 752  auto (day and date) this one in poor condition but all original with a bracelet. This was a perfect restoration job and, if I say so myself, I did a pretty good job of it. This is the only one I have now, I sold the other two, but I have added a matching ladies version. This is the only ladies watch that I have in my collection

As I said earlier, the Dynamics, as an Omega line, have resurfaced in the years that followed but they were like the Ford Mustang; they keep on re-releasing versions of it  but it’s the original that has that something special that made the name a legend.


About robswatches

I’m a horoligical “petrol head”! I love classical mechanical watches, not because they tell me the time, I can get the time from cheap quartz watches, my computer, phone, microwave or just about anywhere. I’m interested in the movements of watches, the aesthetics of case design and their construction, the history and the simple thrill of watching tiny, beautifully finished wheels, pinions and other parts turning and oscillating and marvelling at the craftsmanship that created it.
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3 Responses to Omega Dynamic 1970

  1. David Johnson says:

    Wondering if you still have the date-only Dynamic, and if so, whether you’d be interested in parting with it.

    • robswatches says:

      Hello David, Thanks for your message. Yes, I still have that watch and, until recently, I wasn’t interested in trading. But my collection is growing to rediculous numbers and I have started parting with some of my surpleses. I have already sold the other strap version of the dynamic and only today I put a ladies version of the dynamic on ebay (my first post). So the answer is yes, with 2 dynamics in hand, I am willing to part with the date only/strap model for $550. It is in all original (including the strap) good going order. I can send more detailed photos if you are interested.

      • David Johnson says:


        Yes I’m interested. I have a similar dynamic which recently stopped working. I’ve always lamented the condition of the dial and lack of original radial finish on the case, so I’d be particularly interested in photos of yours that document these features.



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