Seiko Chronograph “Pepsi” 1973

Without doubt, the most popular of the Seiko chronographs and therefore the most popular of all chronographs.

Nice bright yellow dial with equally bright red and blue bezel featuring a tachymeter scale and a rotating inner divers scale bezel. The rest is standard 6139 two register Chronograph.

I have a story about this model.

My family business became Seiko stockists in late 1977 about the time that Seiko discontinued the mechanical chronographs. Seiko had just introduced digital multifunction watches and that’s what the chrono clientele wanted and what Seiko saw as the future.

Knowing how popular the chronographs had been, especially this model I selected one for stock. It sold for A$165 within days of arriving so a few months later when the Seiko rep came around for the second time, we were selecting models and in the end I said “what about the yellow faced chronograph? I didn’t see it in the range.” He said “Oh that’s discontinued. I remember you selecting it last time, as a mater of fact, that was the last one Seiko Australia had!”  So there you have it, I sold the last Pepsi (as it came to be known) in Australia. And in those days, we were a couple of years behind the rest of the world so it may well have been the last one in the whole World!!! There where still a couple of the three register chronographs, the 6138 calibre, in the range but they retailed for around $225, if I remember correctly, and competing with the latest digital products in which Seiko was leading the way.

About robswatches

I’m a horoligical “petrol head”! I love classical mechanical watches, not because they tell me the time, I can get the time from cheap quartz watches, my computer, phone, microwave or just about anywhere. I’m interested in the movements of watches, the aesthetics of case design and their construction, the history and the simple thrill of watching tiny, beautifully finished wheels, pinions and other parts turning and oscillating and marvelling at the craftsmanship that created it.
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