Omega 18ct gold 1947

Feb 2013 021

I seem to be drawn more and more to this brand and, when I think of it, founded in 1848, and at the forefront of design and innovation ever since, it’s no wonder. As a watchmaker in the 70’s, many Omegas from the 40’s to the 60’s crossed my bench and with strong, quality components that were exceptionally well finished, they were a delight to service. Omega also had, and still has, very good spare parts back up.

In 1947, the two most desirable features in a watch was a sweep hand and shock resistance. This watch has both and with an 18ct gold case, this watch was definitely aimed at the well to do.

Feb 2013 007The 30T2SCPC movement, which became the 260 in 1949, was an amazing piece of simple engineering, old, tried and true technology made to an exceptionally high standard. Over 3 million of these movements were produced from 1940 to 1963.

This watch was a dress watch but big, bold and noticeable. If it was dropped onto a tiled floor, the incabloc shock absorber would protect it. The wearer would remove it if he was doing anything vaguely physical so its lack of water/dust resistance was not a problem.

This watch gets very little wrist time, but if I do wear it, it’s a special occasion. Recently I wore it to the opening night of a local production of “Phantom of the Opera”


About robswatches

I’m a horoligical “petrol head”! I love classical mechanical watches, not because they tell me the time, I can get the time from cheap quartz watches, my computer, phone, microwave or just about anywhere. I’m interested in the movements of watches, the aesthetics of case design and their construction, the history and the simple thrill of watching tiny, beautifully finished wheels, pinions and other parts turning and oscillating and marvelling at the craftsmanship that created it.
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2 Responses to Omega 18ct gold 1947

  1. Nicholas Borrelli. says:

    Hi , nice Omega! Nice Roamer you were discussing before too. I have what I believe is the best Roamer in the world! 18ct Super Roamer with superb & original 18ct band. After a lottt of checking……………………… I haven’t found one better! I may be selling it unfortunately. Does that sound as though it is the type of watch that may appeal to you? – will reach me. Thanks , Nicholas.

    • robswatches says:

      Thanks Nicholas. My purchasing budget is a little slim at the moment but I would like to see photos of your watch. You can email me I have recently started a Pinterest page where I am inviting people to post pictures of their nice watches. If you care to go to Pinterest and the search Robert Bertoz, you should find me and then pin you photo (I’m new to this so hopefully it will work)

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