A Box of Seiko Chronographs

531901_10151516670601652_144980870_nMy collection of Seiko mechanical chronographs. Twelve of them, all restored and working well. Some of the bracelets are  non original but all else is authentic. They were produced from 1969 until 1979. Two movement types are represented here; the 3 register, 2 sub dial 6138 and the more basic 2 register 6139 with only one sub dial’.

There is dispute about who produced the first automatic (self wind) chronograph, but of the three contenders I think it was the Seiko that hit the market first in 1969 and blitzed the others in the marketplace.


Love my Seiko Chronographs



About robswatches

I’m a horoligical “petrol head”! I love classical mechanical watches, not because they tell me the time, I can get the time from cheap quartz watches, my computer, phone, microwave or just about anywhere. I’m interested in the movements of watches, the aesthetics of case design and their construction, the history and the simple thrill of watching tiny, beautifully finished wheels, pinions and other parts turning and oscillating and marvelling at the craftsmanship that created it.
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One Response to A Box of Seiko Chronographs

  1. Tony Hagar says:

    This “Navigator” certainly could be of assistance to a navigator – in the days before GPS, of course. The outer dial is set to GMT so that a noon-sight anywhere on the planet can be compared, via published tables, to local time – the difference providing a longitude reading.

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