New Watch Review

I have decided to review new watches, watches that are not part of my collection, because I am frequently asked “what do you think of  this…..”.  Generally, I will not be reviewing upmarket, gimmicky watches but rather functional watches that are within reach (financially) of the average person. Also, I intend to review only watches that I believe represent quality at a reasonable price. Rather than be negative, I will avoid brands and models that are overpriced or poor quality (a popular surfing brand comes immediately to mind).

Mizzano Divers 

Model No. WAT011

Divers watches haven’t changed much in past 40 years. The technical prerequisites are: water resistance to over 150m water pressure, very clear but simple display with good contrast, protected crown, unidirectional timing bezel and simplistic design.  This Mizzano ticks all of these boxes.


  • Overall length, lug to lug – 53mm
  • Overall width including crown – 49mm
  • Bezel diameter – 45mm
  • Dial diameter – 34mm
  • Thickness – 13mm
  • Movement – Epson 43
  • Price – $299 Metal bracelet, $265 Rubber strap
  • Water resistance – 200m
  • Variations – Available in black or blue dial, each with either rubber, diver’s strap or stainless steel bracelet.

This little known brand is the house brand for the Showcase jewellery group. What makes this watch worth reviewing is that it is has a water resistance rating of 200 meters. Let’s face it, not even professional divers dive to that sort of depth, but at any given depth, vigorous movement by the diver will increase the pressure on the watch. Also, to withstand 200m of pressure the watch must be very tough and well constructed.

Quality clasp with beautiful action

Quality clasp with beautiful action

The glass in this watch is one thing that really impressed me, it’s 4mm thick. The back, a little less impressive but adequate  at only 1.5mm thick. The bracelet is also impressive, solid stainless steel links rather than the cheaper folded stainless steel plates. The clasp is also well constructed with a spring loaded release mechanism and a safety clip that snaps into position with small spring loaded balls.  The operational action of the clasp is what you would expect in a watch twice this price.  The dial is large and clear with good contrast, can you get better than white on black? The hour hand is easily distinguished from the minute hand, the hour hand is broad arrow style while the minute hand is picket style. The good contrast extends to the bezel where the large dot is luminous.

The big Mizano fits snugly on the wrist

The big Mizano fits snugly on the wrist

Like most divers watches, it is bulky but the lugs are well shaped to sit nicely on a normal to large wrist.

On the negative side, the luminescence is a little less bright than ideal and the hour markers could be a little larger. The bezel has a very poor click action and is not firm in position.

To sum up, at $299 and less for the rubber strap version this watch looks the part, is comfortable to wear, will do the job it’s designed to do and do it as well as watches twice the price. Great value for money.








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