Restoration Projects


I have restored countless watches, here is a couple that I bothered to record the process. Hope you enjoy them.

  • Restoration Seiko Chronograph Part 2 (11/10/2013) - I managed to get all the parts I needed to complete the restoration. So, firstly, I disassembled the case. Then the movement was disassembled. There are some components that are left assembled, the balance assembly, the mainspring is left in … Continue reading
  • Restoration Project – Seiko Chronograph (9/23/2013) -  A watch with a lot of character! But apart from a lot of scratches, it’s not too bad. It’s a 1971 vintage Seiko chronograph with a 6139B movement. I’ve always liked the Seiko chronos, I have twelve of them in my … Continue reading
  • Roamer Searock 1972c Restoration (7/6/2011) - Here’s a restoration that I did recently. I regret that I started work on the case before I started documenting progress with photographs so I have no pictures of the original condition, believe me, it was bad. I Start with … Continue reading


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